Jak powstrzymać się o montażu

jak powstrzymać się o montażu

General assembly and operation instructions When assembling mechanical seals, special attention should be paid to the possibility of damaging the lapped slide ring surfaces and elastomer seal elements. Slide ring faces are lapped until they reach a high degree of flatness. Any scratches on these surfaces would have detrimental effect on seal operation and cause seal damage. During delivery they are protected by appropriate packaging, but during the assembly special attention should be paid to avoid their scratching or crumbling.

Commencing the seal assembly you should each time acquaint yourselves with the individual assembly instruction manual enclosed with the purchased seal.

Jak powstrzymać włamywacza, czyli co potrafi Twoje okno?

If the seal is to be used in hazardous working conditions, ANGA reserves the right to consult its selection and define its operating conditions. Before assembly, check the machine pump parameters in the place of seal location. If the pumped liquid is toxic or hazardous for the environment, suitable preventive means should be taken for effective restraining of any leakage.

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Clean the stuffing box, shaft protective sleeve and the stationary ring seat in the cover. Measure the diameter of the stuffing box opening and the shaft sleeve diameter and compare them with the table of seal mount dimensions. Shaft jak powstrzymać się o montażu sleevestationary ring seat — cannot have any scratches or sharp edges in proximity to flexible elements i.

jak powstrzymać się o montażu

All sharp edges through which the seal is to be shifted O-ring, wedge-shaped ring, etc. Recommendations concerning surface quality in the place of seal operation "a" - polish The seal must be assembled in its specific operating length L3. Failure to keep this dimension could wszystko o męskim penisie a seal leakage L3 too long or quick wear L3 too short.

Montaż podsłuchu w dowolnym przedmiocie Podsłuch jest miniaturowym nadajnikiem, którego zadaniem jest przekazywanie dźwięków z otoczenia. Skaner częstotliwości zapewnia odbieranie sygnału z pluskwy w określonym zasięgu. Zestaw tych dwóch urządzeń daje ogromne możliwości inwigilacyjne, które pomogą zapewnić bezpieczeństwo tobie i twojej rodzinie.

Check if the pin locating the stationary ring is in the seal seat if this type of stationary ring is used. Insert the stationary ring with the sealing ring into cover seat.

Check if it was properly mounted in proper depth and if it was not bevelled. Measure the distance between the stationary ring sliding surface and the contact surface jak powstrzymać się o montażu cover and gland face X dimension.

jak powstrzymać się o montażu

Read L3 dimension from tables for the given seal. With the shaft in its operating position, mark the gland face surface on it, and then mark the point where the seal back is to be placed L3 - X dimension. Clean the shaft or the protective sleeveslightly wet the shaft and O-ring inner surface with w a t e r. Carefully put the seal rotational part onto the shaft or the shaft protective sleeve and set it at a proper position, and tighten the clamping screws.

Montaż urządzeń szpiegowskich w przedmiotach

Pay attention not to damage O-rings during shifting the seal along the staged shaft sharp edges. Before installing the cover, check if the sliding surfaces of the stationary ring and the rotating counter-ring were not damaged during assembly.

Install the cover with the stationary ring and fix it, carefully and uniformly tighten the clamping screws.

jak powstrzymać się o montażu

When screwed in properly, the cover should provide perpendicularity of the stationary ring sliding surfaces to the pump shaft axis. Prior to start-up Make sure that the cover nuts are evenly tightened — in accordance with the torque set in the operation manual of the equipment, Finish the assembly of the equipment and turn the shaft manually if possible to make sure that the shaft rotates freely, Check the equipment and drive shafts for alignment — max.

The pump cannot be started — even for a short time — with the seal running "dry", e.

jak powstrzymać się o montażu

Always vent the stuffing box if it is not done automatically. Check if the stuffing box is filled with liquid, and whether all system conduits are unobstructed, before each start of the pump not only after the seal installation. Operating remarks Perform periodical inspections of the seal during its work.

The leak level is the measure of proper seal condition. If the amount of leakage is unacceptable, replace the seal with a new one.

jak powstrzymać się o montażu

If the gland box is not vented automatically, check periodically during operation and standstill if it has not got air-locked. Verify if the seal auxiliary installations are functioning properly recirculation, barrier liquid, flushing.

Jak powstrzymać włamywacza, czyli co potrafi Twoje okno?

Seal operation during system failure is unacceptable. Protect the seals which contain ceramic elements against sudden temperature changes thermal shock.

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